REVIEW | Urban Decay Brow Tamer

I bought the Urban Decay Brow Tamer (0.15 oz, $20) a while ago after I heard a Youtuber talk about it (I forget who), but I only busted it out recently because I had finally let go of my long expired Benefit Gimme Brow (0.1 oz, $24). I’ve used the Brow Tamer enough times now that I feel like I can give a fair review of it.

Upon first application of this, I already knew that I would not like it. Despite this, I still gave it a few more attempts to see if my mind would change – it did not.

First of all, the applicator brush is way too long. I have pretty thick brows, and I still had issues with product getting where I didn’t want it to be. On top of that, the formula of the brow gel itself is very wet, which makes application even more difficult. The wet formula also makes me feel like the gel doesn’t do much to hold up my brow hairs.

The one thing I do appreciate about this product is that it does make my brows look a bit darker, so I’ll continue to use this. However, I really don’t recommend spending money on this product – you’re better off buying the Gimme Brow for around the same price, and it does so much more for your brows.

After this one, I’m excited to try Glossier’s Boy Brow (0.11 oz, $16). Do you guys have any suggestions for other brow gels I should try?

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